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Practical and affordable prepaid funeral plans from our team in Bradford

Most people would agree that planning for the future is always a good idea. However, when it comes to planning their own funeral, many of us shy away from the thought. The fact is that prepaid funeral plans can save your loved ones a huge amount of stress, worry and expense. Edwin Pounds & Sons Ltd offer a range of funeral packages that can be tailored to reflect your exact wishes. Your family and friends will be able to concentrate on their grief and begin the process of healing without having the burden of making important decisions at such an emotional time. Please feel free to contact our funeral home in Bradford to discuss our range of prepaid funeral plans further. Your family will thank you for your foresight when the time comes.
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Our range of prepaid funeral plans

Prepaying your funeral may sound morbid, but it makes perfect financial sense and will take much of the burden of making arrangements away from your family and friends. Edwin Pounds & Sons Ltd offers a range of prepaid funeral packages at every price point. By arranging a prepaid funeral, you will lock in our costs as funeral directors and not pay a penny more, regardless of inflationary price rises. Please note that disbursements may still have to be covered as they are beyond our control.
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Tailored funeral packages

At Edwin Pounds & Sons Ltd, we understand that every person has their own special set of wishes for their funeral plans. You can choose from our basic funeral service through to elaborate customised memorials. Our funeral parlour in Bradford, Leeds can accommodate up to 40 people and our highly knowledgeable and professional staff can accommodate all types of memorial services.
Pre paid funeral plans will help you save money and stress. To find out more, please call our funeral home in Bradford on 01274 613 155.
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