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Arranging a Funeral

Upon death (whether at home or in a nursing home) the first call will be to the family doctor who will certify death. Once the doctor has attended you can then ring us on our 24 hour call line which is available 365 days a year. We will then attend to remove your loved one back to our chapel of rest. If death occurs in hospital they will remain there until all the required paper work has been completed by the doctor. After which the deceased will then be taken to our private chapel of rest. When you have recovered from your initial shock you will have to decide what the funeral arrangements are to be.

Is the funeral going to be a cremation?

  • Is the service and cremation to take place at the crematorium or will there be a church service first.
  • It is possible to have a private service in our chapel prior to going to the crematorium.
  • The services at the crematorium take place every 40 minutes and the service time should be 20 minutes allowing time for you to be seated in the chapel and leaving the chapel where you can meet people after the service. This time can be extended at extra cost to you.

Is the funeral going to be a burial?

  • Which cemetery will it take place in and where would the funeral service take place, in the church or around the grave.

Once you have made these initial choices it is best to get in touch with a funeral director where they will guide you through the arrangements for the funeral and organise everything on your behalf. These funeral arrangements can take place either in your home or in our offices at a time suitable to you.

The only thing left for you to do is register the death of your love one at the registrars. This has to be done by a family member and not the Funeral Director. This can be done before or after arranging the funeral with the funeral director. You will need the Medical Certificate of cause of death to take with you to the registrars and is obtained from the deceased GP who saw them last.


Funeral cost are broken down into two categories.

  • The funeral directors professional charges.
  • Disbursements which are fees paid out on your behalf e.g. Crematoriums, vicars, doctors, etc.

Once you have arranged the funeral, the Funeral Director will then leave you with a written estimate.

The person arranging the funeral is responsible for making sure the funeral account is paid.



  • Funeral arrangements to be made in our office in normal working hours.
  • Removal of the deceased to our private chapel (within 10 mile)
  • Supplying a simple coffin
  • Viewing of the deceased in normal working hours
  • Service to take place in our private chapel only.
  • No cortege and no cremation service available.

The basic funeral is priced at £1705.00 inc disbursements. All fees to be paid in full 48Hrs before the funeral. (disbursements included are cremation fee at Nab Wood only, Celebrants and doctors fees only) Does not include press notice or flowers.

Normal office hours are Monday - Friday 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Direct to crematorium service available, no service and no one to attend, to take place at Nab Wood or Scholemoor Crematoriums only. £1555

  • Doctors fees £164
  • Vicars fees £150
  • Gratuities £5

Crematorium fees

  • Rawdon / Lawnswood £809
  • Nab Wood / Scholemoor / Oakworth £694

Prices as at 1st April 2016.